Playground Labs for AWS, Azure and Google platform trainings

The Client

The client is one of the 10 largest IT companies in the world

Business Goal

Train the employees for certification on either of the cloud platforms AWS, Azure or Google

Business Challenges

  • The employees could opt for either instructor led or self paced training
  • The employees are provided with a predetermined cloud budget to practice hands on
  • The duration could be about a week if the training is instructor led or 5 weeks if the training is self paced
  • The lab interface needs to be the same for all the cloud platforms, types of training and cloud platform

Nuvepro Solutions

  • Nuvepro created lab accounts as per the needs of the employees
  • The resource access policies are decided in conjunction with the trainer or by accessing the self paced learning videos from Udemy or Pluralsight
  • These accounts were created on either of the cloud platforms
  • The cloud usage budgets are automatically deployed
  • Cloud usage cost triggers are setup at specific percentages to make the learners aware of the usage

Nuvepro Cloud Labs Benefits Delivered

80% reduction in time to reskilling an employee

Cloud usage cost is controlled across all platforms

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