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We help you build a Cloud Marketplace with access to ready-to-use infrastructure and applications on any cloud.

We empower leading enterprises and cloud service providers to deliver ready-to-use infrastructure to their clients and help them be productive within a short turn-around time.

For Enterprises

  • Cloud marketplace for all your IT needs across lines of business
  • Significant improvement in efficiency and productivity with ready-to-use resource provisioning
  • Governance based on your IT policies and regulations
  • Efficient cost management and tracking

For Cloud Service Providers

  • Resell any Cloud – AWS, Azure with WHMCS and Odin addons
  • Automate billing and margin management
  • New revenue streams with better margins
  • Automated processing with lower operational overheads

WHMCS and Odin Plugins


Azure / Office 365 Reselling & Billing Made Easy with WHMCS CSP Addon


Resell and automate provisioning of services available under AWS

Odin for Azure / Office 365

Azure / Office 365 Reselling & Billing Made Easy with Odin APS Plugin

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NuveBlogs – Views and Perspectives of our Experts

5 Ways to Make More out of Reselling Azure

As a service provider you have signed up to reselling Azure as part of the CSP program. But, you are one among many of your peers who have done the same or in the process of doing it. Let's look at a few ways in which you can differentiate yourself and make more than...

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How to Streamline AWS Portal Access in the Enterprise

This will the first in a series of blogs on user interactions with the Public Cloud platforms. I will try and provide both the enduser and the CXO perspectives in each of these articles.  To an engineer, getting the access to the AWS and Azure portal is equivalent to...

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