Enabled the enterprise training provider to significantly increase the learner experience. See how. 

The Client

The client is a thought leader and a pioneer in enterprise training with over 750 enterprise clients including several of the Fortune 500.

The client has certified trainers in the areas of MuleSoft, RedHat, Microsoft, Oracle, EMC, Scrum Alliance, PeopleCert-Axelos, ISTQB, CompTIA, Elastic, VMware, Chef, Blockchain Training Alliance, RSA, Android ATC, Lightbend etc.

The Challenge

  • Started seeing a shift in the enterprise client requirements for hands-on practice environments
  • These practice environments were built by the internal Enterprise IT teams which included activities, such as tool installation, imaging, deployment etc.
  • However, with the change in the technologies on which training was being conducted, the L&D teams in Enterprises started asking their training providers to also provide the hands-on labs along with the training

The Nuvepro Cloud Labs Solution

Nuvepro set up its Cloud Labs service to enable the client to deliver all its key training programs with real-world practice environments.

  • Rapidly scaled with the ready-t0-use catalog of labs
  • Supported a wide variety of labs
  • Limited the number of lab hours used by learners and automatically switched off the instances when not in use to save significant costs
  • Delivered insights to give the usage data of each learner

Nuvepro Benefits

Nuvepro enabled the client to achieve the following benefits:

  • The client significantly improved the learner experience and the enterprise L&D team satisfaction levels 

  • Significant renewal of training business as the overall learner experience and impact was high
  • The client is now rolling out all of their courses along with the hands-on practice labs

  • The client had had evaluated building their own labs product. However, their buy/build study showed a need for significant investments (cost and talent) if they need to build in-house. Nuvepro, showed a rapid ROI by seamlessly integrating Cloud Labs as part of their solution

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