On-demand Hackathons set up and managed on Cloud Labs. See how. 

The Client

The client is a strategic analytics partner to the most admired Fortune 500 companies globally and helps them power every human decision in the enterprise by bringing analytics and AI to the decision-making process.

The Challenge

The client conducts Hackathon almost every month for its employees. They usually see about 100 to 150 employees register for the Hackathons. These Hackathons are conducted over a weekend, usually starting on a Friday evening and ending on a Monday evening. The steps in a Hackathon are:

  1. Define and publish problem statement
  2. Solicit registrations for the Hackathon
  3. Provision the labs for the Hackathon
  4. Manage the labs for the duration of the Hackathon
  5. Provide a mechanism to upload the solution
  6. Grade the solution

While there is decent traction for such Hackathons, the client’s IT and the L&D teams spend over a week in setting up the Labs and managing them.  

Key challenges include:

  1. Assigning the labs to each participant and tracking via an Excel sheet
  2. Users would leave their labs ON even when the labs are not in use
  3. Access to the lab blocked due to customer ODC IT policies
  4. Resetting the labs if they went into an unusable state
  5. Not able to restrict the number of hours the labs can be used
  6. Not able to accurately predict the cost of a hackathon

The Nuvepro Cloud Labs Solution

Nuvepro enriched the Hackathon experience through its Cloud Labs. Nuvepro set up the cloud labs platform to provide the required labs based on the Hackathon theme and managed them end-to-end. Prior to working with Nuvepro, the client’s L&D teams used to spend almost a week in provisioning the labs on one of the cloud platforms like AWS or Azure. Nuvepro automated the entire process and reduced the week’s work to just a few hours irrespective of the number of registrations.

The labs for the Hackathons was offered on the as-a-service model. Any issues during the Hackathon was passed to Nuvepro via a ticketing system and it was resolved by the support team. The client was billed only on the hours of lab consumption which helped them to scale the Hackathon program efficiently and a predictable cost.

Nuvepro Benefits

This reduction in the time to provision the labs according to specification has led the client to increase the number of Hackathons that they run internally and also consider offering Hackathons as a service to their end customers.

The client was able to increase the participants to over 200 and conducted 3 hackathons, that formed part of a triathlon, over 3 consecutive weekends. Overall more than 5000 hours of labs were consumed. 

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