Every story is a success story at Nuvepro. Our Cloud Labs makes it so.

Nuvepro Cloud Labs Case Studies

80% reduction in employee re-skilling time

See how this large IT services company reduced its time-to-reskill an employee by 80%

Expanded into new markets within months

See how this eLearning company reached newer markets by integrating Nuvepro Cloud Labs

800% faster lab set up and provisioning

See how this large online learning provider saved 800% time in creating and provisioning the labs

Cloud Labs for cloud computing course

Improved the batch sizes and demand for cloud computing course. See how

Rapid expansion with new learners and courses

Enabled the enterprise training provider to significantly increase the learner experience. See how

Cloud labs for a big data training provider

Improved the batch sizes and demand for a cloud computing course. See how

Newer avenues to increase the learner base and the courses

10% increase in learner base for one of the world’s largest trainer. See how.

On-demand Hackathons set up and managed on Cloud Lab

Significant increase in the Hackathon participation and overall experience. See how.

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For Enterprises

Upskill and reskill your employees and make them ready for new projects.

For Online Learning Providers

Enhance the learning experience and learner stickiness

For Educational Institutions

Enable students to rapidly get skilled and be industry ready.

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