Launch your bespoke IaaS
Launch your “Bespoke” IaaS and provide compute or Virtual Machines on-demand to your customers. Create virtual machines on Hypervisor platforms, such as VMware’s vSphere or Microsoft’s Hyper-V platform. Our orchestration layer enables you to automate the provisioning of virtual machines on vSphere and Hyper-V.
Deliver IaaS like never before and standout from the crowd

Single and Multi-VM provisioning

A single VM provisioning may be the most frequent request that a service provider gets. But, what if there are multi-VM requests? With VMUnify one can order more than 1 VM and up to 10 VMs at a time.

Protection against rogue VMs

VMWare vSphere and Microsoft Hyper-V are the supported hypervisors on which Service Providers create and deliver IaaS.

“Bespoke” IaaS

Differentiate yourself from the other service providers and create your own look and feel. The WHMCS, HostBill, APS v2.0 REST/ WS APIs give you the flexibility to create your own look and feel.

Multiple Hypervisors

Own the flexibility to create and deliver IaaS on VMWare vSphere and Microsoft Hyper-V.
Get 100% visibility and control with the self-service portals

Self Service Portal

The self service portal is your single point of interaction for ordering, tracking and managing all Virtual Machines. Self service portals are custom built for the service providers and their end customers – be it individuals or enterprises. The portals are white-labeled so that you can proudly display your own brand.

VMManager IT Administrator Portal

IT administrators can now get the business centric view of the Infrastructure. You can now track and control the usage with just a click. The infrastructure usage in an organization is classified in the form of tenants.
Incredible flexibility for cloud service resellers to gain a huge margin

Support for Resellers

Service providers can effortlessly add resellers to the system. Resellers have the ability to bulk purchase compute resources and create their own branding and plans.

Custom Plans

Plans enable the service providers to package and price the compute offerings from a data center or public cloud. These plans can be priced in multiple currency formats.
Customization and flexibility of your choice through our plug-ins

Plugins for Billing systems

WHMCS plugin is available out of the box. This enables the service providers to deliver consistent user experience without changing their billing systems.

Solution Templates

Go a step ahead in multi-VM provisioning with our solution templates. A solution is one or more VMs wired together so that they can address a business requirement, such as setting up a 2 or 3 tier Web Server, a Share point server farm, a Dev / Test.

Plugins for Cloud Brokers

APS v2.0 compliant package enables cloud brokers to connect with the Parallels Automation.

Data Center Federation

Use the data center of your choice. Service providers having multiple data centers can provide the ability to their customers to choose a particular data center for provisioning of the compute resources.

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