Set up a Sandbox Environment within minutes.

Develop and test your products on real-life configurations

Set up a client-like environment in minutes and develop and test your solutions on such real-life configurations. Make your solutions more reliable.

A good software product works in all environments and that is the expectation too from any customer. For this, the engineering teams would need to develop the product and test them on a range of environments of production quality. However, the biggest challenge is the time taken to set up and replicate a diverse and a real-life sandbox. Longer cycles of development and even longer cycles of testing would mean that the product gets late to the market and misses the revenue targets too. 

Welcome to Nuvepro Cloud Labs that enables you to set up a sandbox environment of your choice. Well, you can do that in minutes. Your engineers can now get access to virtually any environment and ensure that they don’t miss the release cycles. The testing team too can-do a thorough job of what they do the best – put the product under stress in various environments. The result? You can rapidly release a well-engineered and tested product that works seamlessly in all environments. Additionally, it also reduces the pressure on your support function too as the product will have fewer issues.

Set up your development and test sandbox on-demand

You can now set up a development and test sandbox within minutes. No more endless waiting and guesswork in your engineering work. Effortlessly create a production like an environment and build your products on real-world configurations.

Faster release cycles with through regression and integration testing

In the world of test automation, setting them up the right sandbox environment is what takes a lot of time and slows down the testing cycles. You can now set up the sandbox within minutes and rapidly run through your tests on real environments.

Automated lab creation and configuration

It’s the world of automation. You don’t need any manual intervention or dependencies to set up your sandbox. The fully automated platform creates and configures the sandbox within a few clicks and you’ll be all set to work your engineering genius.

Custom dashboards give you complete control of cloud resource utilization

The visual and intelligent dashboards give you full visibility into the labs’ usage. You have full control of the lab utilization that you almost never will overspend.

Wide range of labs

Nuvepro Virtual Training Labs provide access to an ever-growing list of over 150 labs. These range from programming languages to technologies to platforms to skill labs.

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