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Successful hackathons need access to right environments – You can now set up any environment for your hackathon within minutes

Hackathons are a great way to generate new ideas and are new sources of innovation for the digital age. Several organizations rely on hackathons for a myriad of reasons – from generating ideas to engaging developers to corporate branding to IP development to even recruitment. Whatever is the reason, Hackathons are a risk-free way to promote innovation and new thinking.

Nuvepro Cloud Labs enables you to set up real-world technology environments within minutes and provide access for your hackathon participants. You can provision varied labs whatever may be the technology involved, which means that you can organize multiple hackathons at the same time and even more frequently. What’s even more exciting is that the labs can be set up at just 20% cost of what you’d have spent otherwise.   

Set up high quality and differentiated hackathons 

The wider the access to range of technology labs the better the results of hackathons. Nuvepro Cloud Labs break through the limitations of labs and help you provide any lab to your hackathon participants and give them the right tools to innovate.

More frequent hackathons and even across the world 

With Nuvepro Cloud Labs you can conduct hackathons as regularly as every day. You don’t need to wait nor make your participants wait long for the labs provisioning. The Cloud Labs also give you the flexibility to conduct hackathons across geographies. 

Automated lab creation and configuration

It’s the world of automation. You don’t need any manual intervention or dependencies to set up the labs for hackathons. The fully automated platform creates and configures the labs within a few clicks and you’ll be all set for issue resolution.

Access to ever-growing range of labs

Best innovation happens when you create new solutions on the latest stack of technologies that come to the market. With Nuvepro Cloud Labs, you will get access to the latest technologies as soon as they are released.   

Wide range of pre-set templates and configuration 

Nuvepro Cloud Labs provide access to an ever-growing list of over 150 labs. These range from programming languages to technologies to platforms to skill labs.

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