Custom Cloud Templates and Solutions





Flexibility your business needs

Our custom solutions enable you the flexibility to either use the preset catalogs or a custom catalog. The flexibility doesn’t end there, you can either choose to use the standard cloud services that we created or our solution architects can create custom cloud services that meets your need.

Create Your Own Custom Solution

Do you want to create your own custom solution? Drop us a note and our architects will make it a reality.

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Amazon Provisioning and Billing Management

Make AWS even more compelling for your customers with our value added features.

  • Auto provision  linked accounts for Service Provider Customers
  • Set an uplift % on the price of each of the Cloud Services for Service Provider Customers and Resellers
  • Automatic computation of the billing for Service Provider Customers and Resellers
  • Set quota for Service Provider Customers and Resellers
  • Dashboard with Cost v/s Revenue comparison for the Service Provider
  • Ready integrations to Odin/Parallels and WHMCS

Azure provisioning and billing management

Automate the process of provisioning and usage tracking of Azure with custom features that help you save significant costs.

  • Streamlines and automates the provisioning of users on Azure
  • Isolates individual cost or profit centers so that users across these centers don’t get access to each others resources using subscriptions and Azure Active Directory
  • Sets an uplift % on the price of each of the Cloud Services
  • Automatic computation of the billing for each customer
  • Sets the quota for each customer
  • Dashboard with Cost v/s Revenue comparison for the organization

Virtual desktops on Azure

Get the power of automating the creating and fulfilling the Virtual Desktop Infrastructure request using the Nuvelink Catalog feature.

  • Create a new Cloud Service in Azure
  • Define a Virtual Network in Azure
  • Create a new Windows Azure Storage Account
  • Register a DNS Server in Windows Azure
  • Configure Windows Server Active Directory in a Windows Azure VM
  • Configure Remote Desktop Gateway in a Windows Azure VM
  • Remove end points to the all the VMs and add only https end point to enhance security
  • Create VMs as per user requirement and add domain user to the VM

Microsoft Exchange Server

  • Creates a single-server Exchange 2016 environment in Microsoft Azure infrastructure services
  • Template configuration consists of a single Exchange server and a Windows Server Active Directory (AD) domain controller in a subnet of an Azure virtual network
  • Provides a basis and common starting point to demonstrate Exchange 2016 and develop Exchange Server applications

AWS Elastic Map Reduce

  • EMR allows users to process vast amount of data in cost effective way
  • Provides managed big data framework
  •  EMR Template can be used to run user provided big data application
  • Executes custom applications
Azure Recovery Services Template - nuvepro

Azure Recovery Services Vault

  • Recovery Services vault, an Azure Resource Manager resource, protects data and assets in both Azure Backup and Azure Site Recovery services
  • Store all the backups and recovery points through the recovery services vault template
  • Apply a backup policy to the protected VMs
  • Discovers all the resources for a provided Azure account and display the VM resources
  • Backup VM by selecting and providing option for backup policies