Flexible pricing for all your training needs

Pricing Plans

Pricing is based on three factors – Number of logins, type of configuration and type of labs. This gives you the flexibility to get the maximum out of the dollar you will be investing in learning.

Dedicated Labs Pricing

Each learner gets their own lab instance to work on. Dedicated labs include all VM labs. Examples include Programming labs etc.  The pricing is given for the basic configuration of 2Core 8 GB. See “Pricing for Configuration” for more configurations available and their pricing.

Pricing for Configuration Types

Pick a configuration of your choice. The pricing is given based on $1 spend. E.g. For an investment of $1 you will get two hours of 2 Core 8GB. If you want a higher configuration, such as 8 Core 32 GB, you will get access for 30 minutes for $1 investment.

Shared Labs Pricing

The learner will share the overall resources with other learners. Examples of Shared Labs are Big Data, AWS and Azure. For all Shared Labs, the costing is on a monthly basis and could involve additional charges such as AWS or Azure usage.

Licensed Labs Pricing

Examples of Licensed labs are Teradata, Microsoft Project where apart from the infrastructure cost of the lab, there will be an additional license fee for the software. The pricing will be custom.


Bespoke Labs: For labs that are not part of the library, a lab creation fee will apply.

Standard Support: email-based with a 12 hour resolution time.

Lab Hours Validity: The lab hours expire within 3 months from after purchase. Unused hours will not be carried forward.

Looking for custom configuration?

Write to us directly and we will work out a custom package and a custom solution for your business needs.
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