Richest Set of Cloud Lab Features 


Access and Availability

  • 24 X 7 access to labs from anywhere

  • Accessible on any device

  • Browser-based seamless access to lab infrastructure

  • On-demand availability of labs

  • Single sign-on


Reports and Dashboards

  • Lab usage per learner, batch and at the organizational level
  • Custom dashboards give you complete control of cloud resource utilization and student activity


  • Self-service to the learners via Nuvepro portal

  • Support for virtual, physical machine or SaaS labs

  • 24X7 support


Extensive Labs

  • Widest range of labs

  • Focus on Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning, Machine Learning and Big Data Labs

  • Choose from our extensive catalog of ready to use labs or work with our team to create a bespoke lab to meet your requirements

  • Access to ever-growing catalog of latest labs


User Management

  • Upload any number of users from CSV

  • Create user groups based on profile or usage criteria


  • User registration

  • Lab provisioning
  • Start and stop of the labs

Seamless Integration

  • Easily integrate with deployed Learning Management Systems 

  • Seamless integration into your existing environment

  • API-based integration

  • No installation and hence no compatibility issues


Total Control of Labs

  • Full control of the lab budgets and spend

  • Schedule the labs and reduce idle time spends

  • Caps on the budget will ensure that you will never overspend


Simple UI

  • Simple to navigate

  • One click navigation

  • No tool training is required for getting started


Real-world Configurations

  • The problem statements will be real-world challenges and not dummy ones

  • The client like configurations with the ability to replicate production environments

  • Students can get hands-on practice in a range of environments


Lab Provisioning

  • Provision in bulk

  • Provision from marketplace or through APIs
  • Switch on and switch off labs in bulk
  • Automated approvals

Fully Secured

  • Single sign-on

  • Secured cloud environment

  • Client IT policy based alignment


  • Scalable to any number of users
  • Extendible to any user across the world


  • Schedule the lab switch on and switch off

  • Lab request and approval

  • Lab creation and setup once configuration is selected


Managed Labs

  • Lab management and maintenance is done by Nuvepro

  • No intervention required from lab managers


Billing Flexibility

  • Flexible billing models based on pay as you go or annual commitment 

  • Chargeback to different departments / functions 



  • White label the platform as per your brand guidelines

  • Custom create templates aligned with your brand

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