Playground Labs for an Online DevOps Course

The Client

The client is one of the largest Blended Learning providers in India and has launched an industry first university co- branded Devops course

Business Goal

The Dev Ops course is almost 9 months in duration 10 modules, and 3 cap stone projects. Hands on labs are needed for all modules and projects

Business Challenges

  • There are multiple types of hands on labs to be provided during the program. They are a combination of a server and cloud accounts. The learners’ lab experience should be the same for all the lab types
  • Lab usage should be within budgeted amount
  • Any changes in the software tools needed for the labs needs to be within a short time

Nuvepro Solutions

  • Nuvepro worked closely with the product team at the customer location and created the lab templates to match the various course modules
  • The access mechanism for all the lab types was the same
  • Lab usage is controlled with cloud budgets and number of lab hours

Nuvepro Cloud Labs Benefits Delivered

Removed complexity by providing a single click lab

Predictable lab cost across the entire course duration

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For Enterprises

Upskill and reskill your employees and make them ready for new projects.

For Online Learning Providers

Enhance the learning experience and learner stickiness

For Educational Institutions

Enable students to rapidly get skilled and be industry ready.

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