Playground Labs for AI/ML program of IIT-Kharagpur

The Client

The client is one of the leading universities in India and the world

Business Goal

Provide a hands-on lab to be paired with AI / ML course for experience professionals.

Business Challenges

  • The training was conducted simultaneously across 4 different locations in India
  • The classes were conducted by industry experts and faculty at IIT Kharagpur and was live streamed
  • The same lab environment had to be made available to all learners all locations to maintain uniformity
  • Since each week was a different topic, labs had to be updated / reconfigured as per need

Nuvepro Solutions

  • Nuvepro provided a common ML cluster for access by all learners
  • The cluster was available 24 * 7 providing unlimited lab access
  • Packages were updated as per need to ensure lab work continued without any stoppage
  • All learners had dedicated directories for storing their work artefacts until the end of the training

Nuvepro Cloud Labs Benefits Delivered

24X7 and unlimited access to the labs

Provided with continuous support to ensure successful completion

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