Playground Labs for a Billion Dollar IT services organization

The Client

The client is a large IT services organization with  a billion dollars in revenue

Business Goal

Reduce time to reskill an employee so that they are project ready

Business Challenges

  • Lack of real-life project knowledge on the real-world environment
  • Cost overruns in setting up and managing the environment
  • Delays in setting up the right environments
  • Existing lab infrastructure not sufficient to support new technology requirements

Nuvepro Solutions

  • Nuvepro set-up Virtual Labs and provided access to all real-world environments
  • Virtual Labs were setup without any extra CapEx or skill requirements
  • Built real-life projects to make the learning meaningful
  • The lab was automatically commissioned and decommissioned based on usage

Nuvepro Cloud Labs Benefits Delivered

80% reduction in time to reskilling an employee

70% reduction in overall lab set up and maintenance costs

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For Enterprises

Upskill and reskill your employees and make them ready for new projects.

For Online Learning Providers

Enhance the learning experience and learner stickiness

For Educational Institutions

Enable students to rapidly get skilled and be industry ready.

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