800% time saved in creating and provisioning the labs. See how. 

The Client

The client is a seasoned learning aggregator delivering training to MNCs for over a decade.

The company offers courses in both programming, scripting, OS concepts and new-age technologies, such as Big Data, Analytics, and Cloud. The training was delivered through the classroom or remote modes.

The company’s core expertise was its industry-leading learning experts. However, the enterprises have started demanding for a complete learning experience with fully configured labs for the training supplemented with schedules for powering on/off the lab. They faced the following challenges in setting up the labs:

The Challenge

Lack of ownership and consistent lab experience: As the client works with several freelance trainers, the task of setting up the lab usually fell into a grey area. Also, the diversity meant a lack of consistency in the lab experience for the learners.

High-cost of setting up and managing the cloud labs: The lab comes with a range of technologies and configurations. Managing such an environment is highly talent and cost-intensive proposition.

Lack of skilled resources: Our client’s core business is not into setting up labs on the cloud and had to acquire new skills to run that efficiently. Engineering a cloud lab would be a deviation and a distraction from their core.

Varied integration requirements: Since our client deals with MNCs, there are several security and integration requirements that needed a system with a scalable architecture.

The Nuvepro Cloud Labs Solution

Nuvepro was invited to evaluate the situation and recommend a solution that will help them offer a seamless experience to its clients.

We interacted with the clients and the end-users to understand the perspectives and to get a good perspective of experience requirements, course calendar, course catalog, course duration, requirements for the lab and the schedule related information for the labs.

Based on the interactions, Nuvepro recommended and provided a fully managed Cloud Labs environment to the organization. Nuvepro took the complete ownership of setting up the labs so that the client can focus on their core of delivering the course.

The process followed was:

  • The client shared the lab requirements for each of the courses and the trainee information
  • Nuvepro created and provisioned the labs 
  • All the students got the access to their lab setups
  • Nuvepro setup support for any issues in the lab setup 

Nuvepro Benefits

Nuvepro enabled the client to achieve the following benefits:

  • 800% time saved in configuring and provisioning the labs
  • 100% bandwidth saved for SMEs for the lab setup
  • Delivered seamless experience to all clients across regions
  • The solution can scale to any number of labs and students
  • The new-age technology courses were implemented without an complications

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