See how this eLearning company reached newer markets by integrating Nuvepro Cloud Labs

The Client

The client is a fast growing eLearning company offering technology-based courses to over 10,000 users globally. The eLearning courses were in the high growth areas of Big Data, Dev-Ops, Selenium, Angular JS, Java etc. The company wanted to expand its market to the B2B segment as it saw the demand multiplying with a huge need to reskill employees on new-age technologies.

However, the B2B path wasn’t smooth as the clients started demanding an integrated package of the course curriculum, cloud-based labs, and a learning management system (LMS). Our client was only providing the courses and the LMS. They faced the following challenges in setting up the labs:

The Challenge

High-cost of setting up and managing the cloud labs: The lab comes with a range of technologies and configurations. Managing such an environment is highly talent and cost-intensive proposition.

Lack of skilled resources: Our client’s core business is not into setting up labs on the cloud and had to acquire new skills to run that efficiently. Engineering a cloud lab would be a deviation and a distraction from their core.

Integration with the existing system: The eLearning platform and the LMS were custom built and needed a really flexible cloud lab system to integrate with them. Any drop in the experience would hurt their growing brand.

Faster response to market: The client had to respond faster to market demands to sustain it’s place in the B2B space. They did not have time to build it from scratch nor to hire people.

The Nuvepro Cloud Labs Solution

Nuvepro recommended a managed cloud lab solution as a tightly integrated piece in the Learning Management System. This way, B2B clients get a full-featured learning platform that has course, cloud lab, and the LMS.

The following are the key features of the solution:

  • Tight integration with the organizations’ LMS system
  • User obfuscation so that Nuvepro is not privy to the users at the organization
  • Each student is provided a link to access the lab
  • The labs are turned ON / OFF according to the schedule set
  • The labs are provided to one or more students with the ability to scale infinitely
  • Nuvepro is in charge of the cloud accounts where the labs are created
  • All interactions with the cloud vendor are conducted and managed by Nuvepro

Today, Nuvepro interacts with client’s trainers and creates the labs as per the course requirements. The Labs are so easy to configure that the client’s operations team provisions the environment to the new users. Nuvepro provides all the backend support to address any infrastructure related issues.

Nuvepro Benefits

Nuvepro enabled the client to achieve the following benefits 

  • Enabled the client to reach out to newer markets
  • Accelerated new market penetration by months
  • On-demand provision of labs through Nuvepro APIs
  • Labs were provisioned on various time-zones
  • Transparent billing of labs and cloud usage
  • Enabled on the fly change of schedule via the API
  • Detailed reports on student access to enable efficient usage

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