Improved the batch sizes and demand for cloud computing course. See how. 

The Client

The client is an ed-tech company that offers programs in career critical competencies such as Analytics, Data Science, Big Data, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Computing, DevOps, Full Stack Development and more.

The client has designed a Cloud Computing Course to take deliver deep concepts of Cloud Computing technologies to their learners.


The Challenge

  • Familiarize the learners with the services that are on offer in a Cloud platform
  • Get the candidate to use these services in real-world projects
  • The course stretches over 6 months and during this time, each learner can expect to do more than 10 labs and 5 projects with a final capstone project. Since these projects are quite involved and the learners may start as novices in Cloud computing, The client wanted policies to be applied on the AWS accounts for both resource and spend control so that there is a level of governance on the learners’ activities
  • Create flexible policies aligned with each of the labs and projects.

The Nuvepro Cloud Labs Solution

Nuvepro offered its Cloud Labs service to enable the client to deliver the Cloud Computing course with the real-world environment.

  • Created linked accounts for each of the learners
  • Based on the type of the lab/project, Nuvepro custom designed the policy and budget and applied it to the accounts
  • The learner can have access to the AWS services in the linked account only for a specific time duration



Nuvepro Benefits

Nuvepro enabled the client to achieve the following benefits:

  • Consistently delivered a unified experience to all the learner for over a year now

  • Six batches of students were served with each batch having about 30 students each

  • The client could increase the frequency of batches and is now set to release simultaneous batches too to address the high demand 

  • The client saved their investment of hiring at least 3 to 4 engineers by leveraging the fully automated platform of Nuvepro Cloud Labs 

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