See how this large IT services company reduced its time-to-reskill an employee by 80%

The Client

The client is a large IT services organization with revenues close to $800 M dollars. The company helps its Fortune 500 clients with their digital transformation journey. Delivering this kind of work required skilled employees in a range of technologies, such as Big Data, Data Sciences, Cloud. Mass hiring of specialists in each area was not a scalable solution.

The client had decided to leverage their Learning & Development teams to rapidly skill and reskill their talent and make them client ready. This way, they can deploy the right talent with right skills and be billable within a few months time.

The Challenge

Lack of real-life project knowledge: Re-skilling through theoretical, classroom, web-based or self-paced learning was not impactful as the employee still does not have the experience of working in real-life environments. 

Cost overruns in setting up and managing the environment: Setting up the training environment with diverse configurations was an expensive proposition for the client. Additionally, the upkeep of the environment was complex and needed a dedicated team to manage.

Delays in setting up right environments: The IT team is neither skilled nor had the right tools to set up the test environment with configurations and applications required to replicate a real-life environment.

Nuvepro Solution

Nuvepro interacted with the client’s team that involved members from L&D, delivery, SMEs to get a good perspective on the business requirements. We then set up a managed cloud lab environment. The following are the key points in the solution:

Lab requisition through a self-service portal

  • Onboard employee on the labs via an email
  • Employees requisition a lab of their choice

Automated and just-in-time lab provisioning

  • A pre-configured lab is automatically provisioned over the cloud
  • Used client’s enterprise Microsoft Azure account to realize the price benefits

Lab usage, management, and governance

  • The users got access to all latest and real-life environments with real-life problem statements
  • The lab was automatically commissioned and decommissioned based on usage
  • Weekly reports were shared to track the usage of the labs
  • Regular touch points with the Subject Matter Experts, to ensure the lab environment met the requirements

Nuvepro Benefits

Nuvepro enabled the client to achieve the following benefits 

  • Reduction in time-to-start-reskilling an employee from 30 days to 1 day*
  • Lab was made available to the employees within an hour of the request
  • 70 % reduction in the overall lab costs
  • Software, as well as hardware for the labs, is provided in a pay-as-you-go model
  • Client’s lab costs were converted into an OpEx model from a CapEx model
  • Flexibility to provide labs from a single user to any number, which also means reskilling can happen for a single user rather than waiting for a minimum batch size

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