Challenge Labs for assessing Big Data code

The Client

The client is a large IT services organization with revenues close to a billion dollars

Business Goal

Evaluate the code submitted as part of a capstone project

Business Challenges

  • The employees go through a self paced Big data training from Coursera
  • For the learning to be marked as complete, the employees must solve a problem statement for a capstone project.
  • The employees are free to solve the project at any time, but it must be evaluated within a week. Subject matter experts may not be available at short notice
  • The capstone project needs to be updated regularly

Nuvepro Solutions

  • Nuvepro provided logins to the employees on a shared Cloudera cluster
  • The employees log in through a Moodle login, where the problem statement and the lab can be accessed
  • The access is provided for a period of 1 week
  • At the end of 1 week of at the completion of the coding for the project, the employee can submit the code
  • The submission will trigger an automated evaluation which provides the grades in under 5 minutes

Nuvepro Cloud Labs Benefits Delivered

The submissions are auto evaluated

Problem statements are updated at least every 3 months

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