So, you have made your decision to move to the Public Cloud completely or step by step. The opex model, the fact that you are paying only a few cents an hour and the fact that you don’t have to find some space in your already full data center to add some more servers are all great reasons for you to move to the Public Cloud. The first few months work out great, and then more workloads from your organization start moving to the Public Cloud, and slowly you see the cents/hour becoming turning to dollars and tens of dollars/hourkly.

You are now under pressure from the CFO to bring the costs down, or else you’ll see all the great savings that you were predicting of by moving to the Public Cloud evaporating into thin air.

There is a simple way to get this going, and both AWS and Azure provide support for the same. Google does too, but today let’s focus only on AWS and Azure.

On AWS, this link provides the steps to power on / off the EC2 instances when they are not in use. It is a bit involved in setting up, you’ll need to use the AWS DataPipe line and AWS policies to trigger an EC2 instance to be turned on / off at a particular time.

On Azure, this link, provides the steps to turn on / off the VMs on a particular schedule.

Apart from turning on / off the VMs on a schedule, you may also to want to turn off servers when they are not in use for a particular period of time. This conclusion can be arrived upon by monitoring the CPU utilization, the network in / out bytes etc. But, this will require a different set of APIs and parameters to be accessed on AWS and Azure.

If the above mentioned measures are implemented, the cloud costs for the VMs can easily be reduced by 30% on a monthly basis, but it is tedious to setup and manage.

We at Nuvepro, can help you do this in the most simple manner, as easy as selecting all the resources and setting a policy for each of them. Reach us at for a demo.

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