This is the latest report on the Cloud adoption in various organizations from McKinsey showing the cloud adoption journey for the next 3 years. Though the report does not give too many new insights, it definitely helps quantify the trends.

The report talks about many points, but for this blog I have chosen to talk about two charts. The first one is about Building Cloud infrastructure v/s Consuming built ones and the second one about on premise and off premise clouds.

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These charts convey two tipping points. Firstly, most organizations are moving away from building or DIY to buying a cloud infrastructure from a vendor. And secondly, the vendor happens to be offering this solution from their own premises.

While the largest enterprises will continue to have some sort of private cloud on-premises, along with off-premises clouds, other organizations will primarily move off-premises.

Two flavors of Private Cloud will be prevalent:

  1. A dedicated Virtual Private Cloud most probably being provided by a data center such as Century Link, RackSpace or a Tier II or Tier III data center
  2. A Virtual Private Cloud provided by one of the hyper-scale providers such as AWS, Microsoft or Google

A dedicated private cloud is where the efforts of VMWare (via vRealize), Microsoft (AzureStack) or OpenStack or other proprietary solutions is expected to be deployed. If Microsoft plays its cards well on the hybrid cloud story, then it could emerge as the ultimate winner on both the private and public cloud front.

As a reader from an Enterprise, which direction will your cloud journey take?

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