Author: Giridhar LV

I attended my first AWS re:Invent summit this year. It was between 5th and 8th of October at the Venetian in Las Vegas, USA.

Amazon made an “amazing” number of product announcements at the summit. These cut across almost all of the technologies used in Enterprise IT, basically making it clear that Amazon is going after every incumbent vendor.

Some of the ones that I found were of interest were:

  1. AWS Quicksight – An analytics offering
  2. AWS Database migration service – Migrate any database to AWS
  3. AWS Import / Export with a device called Snowball – Move huge amount of data (up to 100 TB) in one device to AWS
  4. AWS EC2 dedicated hosts – Get your own physical servers at AWS, and basically allow for bringing your own Windows / SQL Server / SuSE licenses
  5. AWS Config Rules – Check the compliance of your workloads at AWS
  6. AWS EC2 Run Command – Run any command on the EC2 instances by leveraging the EC2 config agent on the VM instances
  7. AWS Managed Services – Allow for parent accounts in AWS to provide seamless Managed Services to the Linked Accounts

Apart from these announcements the major focus was on two other areas:

  1. Migration – In almost every session, the emphasis was on getting organizations to migrate their workloads to AWS. AWS is also equipping its consulting partners by starting new competencies related to migration. This is important because AWS doesn’t have a private cloud offering, so the only way for organizations to leverage AWS offerings is to migrate their workloads.
  2. Partners – Great attention was paid towards Consulting and Technology partners at the summit. There were many break out specifically for partners involved in reselling and providing managed services around AWS. Considering that AWS revenues has now hit a run rate of $7.1 B and is growing at more than 80% y o y, I believe the opportunity for partners is tremendous.

Nuvelink, our cloud services aggregator platform is designed to enable partners to do three things effectively – Resell Public Cloud, Perform Managed Services on Public Cloud and Offer Packaged Native Cloud Services via a catalog.

We’ll be happy to give you a demo and explain more about Nuvelink; drop in an email to