Author: Giridhar LV

I recently read two reports in the press, one by IDG Connect on behalf of Rackspace and the second one from Business Standard ( a newspaper from India).

The first report talks about an increase in the number public infrastructure clouds being used by an enterprise from 4 to about 6 in next 2 years. It also talks of the complexity of managing these clouds and how a Service Provider can help an Enterprise in this journey.

The second report says that in spite of this increasing complexity and expected growth in business, the Service Providers are not hiring at an increased pace but are turning to automation.

Are these reports pointing towards two conflicting things? Or are they pointing towards an inflection point in the Service Provider space? I think it is the latter.

Most Service Providers are evolving fast in moving beyond doing tasks manually and using automation instead. The shift to automation will enable the Service Providers to deliver more with less people.

Automation could be in the form of writing scripts that make it easy to run repeated tasks, or scripts which define the infrastructure, or scripts that setup alerts / notifications etc.,

I would consider this kind of automation as the first wave. In this wave, typically the thought on the type of functionality is defined by a human.

The true game changer and second wave will come when automation is paired with machine learning. The system or platform behaves based on the inputs received from the IT environment. We are a few years away from reaching that goal, but the foundations for the same are now being laid.

We at Nuvepro are developing tools that enables the first wave of automation across multiple clouds and are readying the tools to address the second wave. Contact us at for more details.



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