Author: Giridhar LV

“Migrate to the Public Cloud now”, this seems to the new slogan from all the major public cloud vendors, chief among them being AWS viagra ohne rezept in frankreich. Why the hurry? Is it like the Y2K deadline or does the new slogan pave the way for IT real estate grab?

If this slogan is seen in the context of the fact that 90% of the IT spend is still outside the realms of the Public Cloud, we can understand how high the stakes are.

So, the preferred migration path – take whatever is on premise and move it to the Public Cloud. There are many vendors that can enable this move. The Public Cloud vendors love them because the migration vendors ultimately help increase the revenues of the Public Cloud vendors. What about the other migration scenarios? From Public Cloud back to the on premise infrastructure or Private Cloud? From one Public Cloud to another?

Let’s look at the first scenario – “From Public Cloud back to the on premise infrastructure or Private Cloud”. 451 Research published a report that said that almost 68% of the sample they spoke to (1418 respondents) had migrated an application back to the Private Cloud or Hosted Private Cloud. Why did this migration happen? What triggered this reverse migration? No reasons are specified, but probably it might have had to do with performance / service levels and maybe even cost. I would doubt if it was security related, most Public Clouds are way more secure than most Private Clouds. I haven’t seen many vendors developing tools for this scenario. Well, it looked like the company made a mistake and they are now correcting it.

What about the second scenario – “From one Public Cloud to another?”. Why would somebody want to do this? The primary reason I have heard is to say that companies should have the flexibility to do this to take advantage of cost. While this may be true for a dev/test scenario or some kind of scalability testing, I doubt any organization would resort to doing this for Production workloads – it would be equivalent to an IT suicide.

So, is Migration the new Y2K opportunity? Well, I don’t think so. Most companies will look at the Public Cloud at a hardware refresh cycle or when it is time to launch a new application. It will take a number of years for the rest of the 90% IT budget to move to the Public Cloud – which means that we’ll keep hearing the slogan “Migrate to the Public Cloud now” for a long time to come.


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