As a service provider you have signed up to reselling Azure as part of the CSP program. But, you are one among many of your peers who have done the same or in the process of doing it. Let’s look at a few ways in which you can differentiate yourself and make more than the standard discount offered to you by Microsoft.

  1. Low hHanging Fruits: Choose one or two solutions such as WordPress, Drupal, SugarCRM etc., that you know will be of use to your customers. Offer these solutions either individually or as part of package. With a combined infrastructure and software, you can typically make about 30 to 40% more on the same infrastructure
  2. Expertise Led: For this, you’ll need to pick up either a particular Line of Business within an organization or an industry vertical to support. As examples, you may want to offer open source tools in project management or cater to the utilities industry. Typically with software solutions that cater to a particular industry vertical or a Line of Business, you can price it at more than 50% the price of the infrastructure components themselves.
  3. Leverage Paid Software: This is similar to being expertise led, but here you’ll need to partner with a software vendor who specializes in fields such as analytics. With each sale, you’ll be able to benefit from the margins provided by Azure as well as the software vendor.
  4. Cost Control: Apart from just selling the VMs or other resources to your customers, you can also help them manage their cloud costs. The more you save for a customer, the more they’ll rely upon you for all their cloud decisions. One of the easiest ways to save costs, is by powering off resources when they are not in use. You can add more advanced capabilities such as right sizing the infrastructure. But just by powering of infrastructure, your clients can start seeing more than a 30% reduction in their monthly bills. You can provide this as a paid service to your customers.
  5. Migration: With the reliability of the Azure being one of the best, your existing customers may want to move their workloads on their own data centers or co-lo to Azure. If you are already managing your customer’s infrastructure at other locations than Azure, then consolidating it will help minimize your own administrative costs
  6. Future Possibilities: Azure doesn’t yet provide an option to pre-pay for instances and reserve them for a period of a year or more. Hopefully, this year will be the one where they start offering it. If Azure does provide this feature, then you should start trying out at least in small lots. The price saving seen for a similar offering in AWS is close to 75%. How much of this saving you would like to pass on to your customer is your call.

All of the above can be done manually with in the Azure portal. But, that may not be most efficient way of serving your customers, and can also limit the growth of your company. We at Nuvepro, enable you to setup a market place for reselling Azure as well as software that is hosted on Azure. We can also provide capabilities to migrate workloads as well as managed cloud costs.

We also provide out of the box integrations with WHMCS and Odin billing system.

With our solution, you as a Service provider can build a very efficient Managed Services practice and continue on your journey of being the Trusted IT provider to your customer.

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