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Nuvelink enables automated provisioning of resources under the Microsoft CSP agreement.

The WHMCS CSP plugin for Nuvelink enables service providers to offer Microsoft CSP – O365 and Azure services to their customers. This plugin can be used by 1-Tier CSPs.

Nuvelink WHMCS-CSP Addon for Microsoft Office 365

O365 - Admin Functionalities

  • Offer all O365 SKU’s as WHMCS products on a prepaid basis

  • Set maximum and minimum seat count

O365 - End-User Functionalities

  • Request for an O365 WHMCS product with a specific seat count

  • Upgrade / downgrade of seat count

  • Renewal of the O365 accounts

  • De provisioning of the account

  • Customer can bring their own O365 accounts

Nuvelink WHMCS-CSP Addon for Microsoft Azure

Azure - Admin Functionalities

  • Offer Azure subscriptions and resources as WHMCS products

  • Automated provisioning of subscriptions under the CSP master account

  • Ability to download the price list from Microsoft CSP website

  • Ability to set a  default / custom margin for each customer

  • Ability to set a default / custom budget for each customer

  • Offer Azure resources such as VMs, Storage, Databases etc., as WHMCS products

  • Track usage for every subscription

  • Generate invoice per subscription based on the margin added price list

  • View the revenue / cost at the company level

  • Offer Azure resources either on a Pay As You Go or on a Prepaid basis

Azure - End-User Functionalities

  • Provision either an Azure subscription or an Azure resource via the WHMCS products

  • View the price list and the detailed usage for every CSP subscription

  • Perform action specific to Azure resources such as Power ON / Off, Redeploy etc.

  • De-provisioning of Azure subscription or Azure resources

  • Customer can bring their own Azure subscriptions

Looking for a reason to get The WHMCS PlugIn by Nuvelink? Here are plenty of them…

Automated Provisioning


Mobile Friendly


Automated Billing


All Office 365 and Azure SKUs

Budget / Quota Management

Custom Templates


Custom Margins

Superior Support

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