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We provide ready-to-use infrastructure and applications on any cloud from a single pane of glass.

We empower leading enterprises, cloud services and managed services providers to deliver faster access to the infrastructure and resources of your choice, reduce costs by optimizing the cloud usage and enable the central IT team to provide business solutions to the organization.


For Managed Services Provider

  • Grow revenues from existing and new clients
  • On-demand delivery of the requested cloud service
  • Centralized usage tracking and control

For Enterprises

  • Significant improvement in efficiency and productivity with ready-to-use resource provisioning
  • Faster launch of products
  • Total control over resource and hierarchy management

For Cloud Service Providers

  • New revenue streams with better margins
  • On time billing and invoices
  • Automated processing with lower operational overheads

NuveLink – Our Single Pane of Glass Platform

Nuvelink enables you to provide a rich catalog of applications to your users on any cloud – public, private or hybrid.  This cloud services aggregator enables you to provide managed services across the life-cycle of the applications. The central IT teams can now provide IT as a Service and get a unified view of all IT resources. Cloud service providers can generate new revenue streams through extensive catalog of cloud services through a single window.

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NuveBlogs – Views and Perspectives of our Experts

Tips to Optimize the Public Cloud Usage

During our conversations with various IT Teams, we found that the key issues faced by them in managing public cloud resources were the following: Unauthorized usage – This is the well-known problem of Shadow IT, where people directly go to AWS or Azure portal and...

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The Cloud is closer than you think

It's 9 AM on Monday. Joe, the CIO, has returned to work after a well-deserved nap. He and his team have been working through the weekend. Starting today, the developers at his e-Commerce services company Marketfit can request for all their infrastructure via a...

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Get Just-in-Time Training Infrastructure on the Cloud

Organizational Learning and Development (L&D) teams currently face the twin challenges of tight budgets and diverse demands for training from the internal customers. So, they have to constantly look for ways to maximise their return on training dollars spent. For...

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